Communicating for Business

Communication can be defined as the process by which people share ideas, experiences, knowledge, and feelings through the transmission of symbolic messages.

Effective communication is imperative in the business world. However, the communication style differs while dealing with different types of people.

The manner in which we address our boss is totally different from the way we talk to our colleagues.


Effective communication skills are about understanding the right style of communication in a business environment and also about overcoming the barriers in communication.

This module elucidates the usage of nonverbal communication likes body language, facial expressions,

And also explains the importance of being an effective listener.

Mastering Business Etiquette

A bright smile, a smart walk, great dressing sense and oodles of confidence get you noticed within seconds.

I call it making a great first impression.

It is the magic that you create much before you display your technical knowledge, your brilliant sales report or before you crack that crucial business deal. Some call it basic manners, we call it business etiquette.

This module is about mastering the ABCs of this skill that you learn all the seemingly minor details which could have a major impact on the way your colleagues, juniors, bosses, clients and other business associates think of you. This module teaches you all you need to know to present yourself in and around your corporate setup.

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