Telephonic Skills & Etiquettes


The world has become more compact with the growing use of a telephone. Today, most of the products and services are just a tinkle away. As a lot of business deals take place over phone calls, it is essential to follow certain telephone etiquette as we no longer enjoy the benefits of understanding our customers through their facial expressions and body language. To achieve credibility over a call, it is imperative to communicate in an effective and professional manner.

This course imparts practical training through role-plays and mock calls. The candidates are trained and assessed on how to make and handle calls, put a customer on hold, handle an irate customer patiently, ending a call, using the correct tone, use of courteous words and maintaining energy levels throughout the call.

At the end of this course, a candidate will be able to :

  • ŸUnderstand the call structure
  • Extract information from customers without annoying them
  • Listen and analyze customer’s needs
  • Handle complicated situations efficiently
  • Deal with different types of callers assertively
  • Leave a positive and lasting impression in the mind of customers


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